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Thread: 68 classic valve trigger pull

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    68 classic valve trigger pull

    I started working on a pneumag project a week or two ago. After a good hollowing out of the frame, i was able to assemble a functioning mockup before i go to work on the aesthetics. Looks like even at max lpr output, there isn't enough pressure from the trilogy solenoid to consistently trip the sear. (it'll probably fire reliably around 3-4 bps)

    So i'm assuming my options are, get more pressure (which i'm sure would blow the noid) or lighten the trigger pull.

    After finding out that ULT kit from the ADG site is apparently not compatible with the 68 classic valve, I'm wondering what people do to lighten the pull with the classic valves?

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    I have used a ULT in a classic valve for a spydermag project. You could also use a CenterFlag on/off if you could find one.

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    The RT Pro on/off will cut the trigger pull weight in half or more, and it's a drop-in replacement to the classic on/off.

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    Different LPR would probably work wonders.

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    ULT in a classic valve works fine but not with a manual trigger pull unless tuned really well. The ULT works well with an electronic frame and I suspect it will work well with a pneumatic frame too.
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    Well that's what i get for assuming creating a new post automatically subscribes me to it. Came back to find all these replies. Will report back with which plan i went with, thanks AO

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    I have that exact solenoid working with a classic valve with an RT on/off
    its requires the lpr to be set near max for the noid (it says its rated to 120 psi but I think its closer to 100psi) but it has no problem outshooting the valve

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