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Thread: Preparing X-valve for anodizing...

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    Preparing X-valve for anodizing...

    When preparing an X-valve for anodizing, what steps need to be done? I'm trying to confirm that I've done everything up to a point.

    1. Separate valve
    2. Remove reg seat, pin and all visible o-rings
    3. Remove reg nut and spring pack, piston
    4. Remove on/off and all o-rings
    5. Remove powertube front and thin powertube o-ring

    This leaves me with what appears to be the front half of the valve, all aluminum, and the back half, all aluminum except the z-lock pin. And, there sits my problem. Anyone know how to painlessly remove the z-lock pin?

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    I think the Z-lock pin is pressed in. You will have to mask it off for annodizing.
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    Ok. So there's no way to remove it and then replace it, like on the Classic valves?

    How would one go about masking off a tiny protrusion like that?

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    my first thought is hot glue but that cant be right

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    it can be remove, just ask tunaman

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