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Thread: AGD/AO Fundraiser Plaque for Sale, Limited Time Offer

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    AGD/AO Fundraiser Plaque for Sale, Limited Time Offer

    Donated $100 on 9-20-12 for 5 plaques sold.

    This signature plaque is a one time offer and will never be reproduced in this exact configuration.
    These are machined from ¼” 6061 aluminum plate and measure 6 x 8-11/16 inches.
    These are machined as “wall hangers” but could have various uses.
    All plates come with a raw finish.
    All come with Tom Ks autograph.

    First 3 sold/paid for will be machined and shipped ASAP, the mill is set up ready to go.
    The remaining units will be on hold until we have a final count on how many will be made.
    Once we have a total I'll order materials and knock them out.

    Shipping weight is approx. 1.5 lbs (Approx $10) and will ship USPS Priority only.
    Purchase price is $93 (Shipping is included in that total)
    No limits on purchase amounts.
    I will donate $20 from every plaque sold up to what is necessary to reach our goal.

    TotShadowCompany’s AO name is included because he donated the graphics to help get the project started.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing the prototype I will sell it for $70 (shipped) $20 will go to the AO fund raiser.---SOLD---

    To make a purchase please send me a private message. Thanks.

    Please let me know up front if your order will be shipped internationally so we can sort out the details before you make you payment, thanks.

    Here's the final art work.

    Member Name --- No. of Plaques Paid For --- Ship Dates-----Donation Made

    Bunny---------------------1 Ptototype-----------9/19/12-------$20 on 9-20-12
    knownothingmags--------2___________________________$40 on 9-20-12
    Imasho--------------------1 (ships to Canada)--9-28-12-------$20 on 9-20-12
    RST------------------------1 (ships to Germany)___________$20 on 9-20-12
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