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Thread: Question about valve caps

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    Question about valve caps

    I was wondering if replacing the regulator on my xvalve with a valve cap and just using my maxflo to adjust velocity would affect the rt effect on the valve? Any help would be appreciated.

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    The RT effect is dependent on the xvalve regulator, so even if you could modify the valve to remove the reg you would loose most of the RT effect.

    There are also many issues in making a cap for xvalves. you can search arround the forums, it has been discussed a few times.

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    Yes, removing the regulator will affect the reactivity. The front chamber of the retro/X valve is the same as the classic valve. It's the regulator that makes the difference because the retro/X valve regulator supplies tank pressure air to the chamber and regulates using feedback from the chamber, but the classic valve uses regulated air applied to the chamber. If you cap the back, you remove the regulator so you are supplying regulated air instead of tank pressure air, so both the retro/X valve and the classic valve will work the same.
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