First off hello. New to this site and to the wonderful world of mags.

I have just purchased an xmag (not off this forum) . It won't fire on electric but fires ok on manual mode.When I turn it on the display lights up intermittent. Other times it doesn't do anything or just flashes or shows random pattern. When it does light up I am getting agd sometimes agd 3.2. First off thought the battery was getting low. So put on charge all night. The charger led didn't go red more of a pulsating yellow colour and didn't go green even after being left all night. Checked voltage in battery this morning it was at 18 volts. Refitted it and same as before. Except this time it lets me flick through the menu a couple of times but doesn't't let me see the values and cuts off after a couple of presses of the top button or one press of the trigger.

The voltage in battery has dropped to 16.1 volts after checking it a few times and down to 13.6v when marker turned on. Also voltage at the on off switch and board is 7v is this ok?

I have cleaned up all connections to and from the battery. But nothing has changed.

Basically after advise on what it could be. If something serious will get back into with person I bought it off.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.