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Thread: Getting out of the sport, how much is my stuff worth?

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    Getting out of the sport, how much is my stuff worth?

    Well I technically haven't played in about 8 years, though I still have a lot of stuff. I want to get a fair price for my stuff and might sell it on ebay or maybe consignment locally. What would the following items go for?

    1) X-Mag (Custom machined, blue w/ superman logo miled into battery and ontop of sites, warp insert, dead battery)
    2) Smarts Parts Freak Set w/o barrel
    3) Custom looking boom stick that takes SP inserts (cocker/xmag thread)
    4) SP Freak barrel, alum, black and blue.
    5) Custom Automag w/ E-Mag valve, and booyaah e-lcd handle, the anti-chop bolt system, teflon black body. (my custom mag if anyone remembers me).
    6) blue Warp Loader w/ blue powered hopper
    7) Q-Loader system
    8) Pure Energy fiber 4500PSI 68cu out of hydro tank 3/02 (I might get it hydro'ed if it makes up the difference).
    9) Random Spyder marker
    10) Tracker Pump marker w/ a semiautomatic converter (kind of stupid), and SP barrel.
    11) Z-Grip will need spacer for not RT-Classics (edit)

    As I am not selling these yet, I don't think this would go in the classified section. I am not looking for offers, just suggestions on a fair asking price. I also won't sell them till I test them to make sure they are working, which may be a while as my only tank is out of hydro. If pictures are required I can put some up.

    Thanks for the help, it is hard to figure out the market, since I have been out of the sport for so long.

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