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Thread: So this is kinda funny.

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    So this is kinda funny.

    So they decided at work to film a segment on case mods with Eric Gore (he was the guy I was telling you about who helped out Tom with his "flowage") well Eric works next to where they store the chemicals and they thought that filming next to the 5 axis CNC machines we have would be a better venue. So I was told I couldnt run my machine or make loud work... I got heads due!!! anyways...

    So I'm friends with the photogs at work and as theyre filming him I'm eating Sara Lee cream pies as obnoxiously silent as possible. They are dying behind this camera but trying to keep it cool. After a while they start to get sloppy and my desk slips into view. Watching this I was laughing cause my desk has Star Wars figurines, a rubix cube, pictures of me playing paintball, me eating cream pies (not in view...barely), and a can coozie that says "I ~heart~ T-Bags" (Harley storage bags)

    So they came over here to look professional?

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    I saw calendar girls

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