let me get this right now you guys are limiting the amount of sigs we per page even after we paid the 3000 dollars to update the server

I call Bull

also from what I remember reading in that post about updateing AO part of that 3000 dollars was supposed to go to updateing the a AGD website, which just crashed last week and we were told was on the same serve as automags.org

so would someone in the know care to enlighten the Community on why the AGD site server was not updated

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Because I have to pay guys to go pull the data off the server, setup the new one, buy the software etc. I will be transferring it to my current provider away from Delaware,net so that is two bills.

Then I still have to take care of Zupe because the store runs on that server on more old software. All the parts and products need to be transferred and setup on the new store with new software. Thats a job in itself. The agd website has to go over too. I am not going to do that, someone has to pay for it. Dave doesn't have the dough either.

So its more than just transferring a list of members and some posts.

We.were told this by.TK. But then we find out Dave was running his own server at his house

So where did.that money for.Zupe go