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Thread: barrel pin

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    barrel pin

    the barrel twist lock nipple thing, is that just pressed in? best wat to remove

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    Should be pressed unless you have one of those old rails that are threaded. They're not hard to distinguish, you'll actually see threads on the bottom side of the pin.

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    Best way to remove: put the rail upside down on two blocks of wood, with the twistlock assembly between the blocks. The bottom of the twistlock assembly should be pointing upwards (the nipple is down). Strike the twistlock assembly with a hammer until it falls out underneath the rail. If it has corroded, it may take a few swings of the hammer. Don't hit the rail.

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    r they the same between a classic to a Rt?

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    The twist lock assemblies are the same on all mags.

    I prefer using a vise to press the assembly out using the blocks of wood. Its easier to control the force and there is no danger of hitting something at the wrong angle.
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    a small c clamp also works.

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