Im in the process of doing R&D on the classic RT to make it lighter, accept autococker barrels and Angel feednecks/detents.

With a main focus on weight reduction i have made a prototype vert feed classic RT body out of aluminum and made it accept an x valve instead of doing an over the valve design that uses the stock stainless steel RT valve. I HAVE REDUCED THE WEIGHT OF THE GUN BY 1LB 1OZ SO FAR!!!!! The next phase of the R&D project is to develop ULE rail milling to reduce the weight even more.

Is there more interest in doing a body that accepts the stock Classic RT valve? The downside is there is only a 7 ounce weight savings by doing this. The stock valve is heavy.....there are also allot of guns out there that are leaking because the bore in the rail that the banjo bolt goes through is worn out.

Participate in the pole and let me know if you would be interested. I will do a run if we can get 15 units sold.