I recently picked up a fairly stock Mag in the BST. It has a 32* frame on it and I beleive it is causing issues. With this frame on, the marker will fire, but essentially goes into full auto unless you pull back on the trigger. I have adjusted the sear rod out which helps a bit, but it essentially has to rest on the back of the trigger and even then it still has issues. It doesnt seem to allow enough rearward travel to fulling engage the on/off on the valve. I swapped in a stock CF frame and the marker works fine. In looking closely at the two frames, I am noticing that the 32* frame seems to be out of spec in a couple of areas. I have heard before that some of these were incorrect, but is there any way of fixing it?

I really bought the marker to part out, but was wanting to see if I could get the frame working properly. I don't want to sell it as is if it is non-functional.

Any help is appreciated.