Fairly new to mags and have a few questions regarding them.
Been playing for a few years and assembled a ULE mag a while back. Fell in love with the marker So now I have a few mag parts coming(noxious/m90/pump mag/benchmark frame) for fall and winter project.

1. I'm trying to buy grip panels from stinger for an M90 frame, w/c angel 90 grip panel will fit( A4 Fly 90^ or Speed 90^)?
- Can I still buy this grip panels new(where?) or BST is my best bet? ............. http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8329/8...8065329b_c.jpg

2. I cleaned my xvalve(done playing this year) and I removed the 2 reg springs and cleaned it. But I noticed that there's grease on them. Can I just oil it and put it back or I really need to use grease on the reg springs(if so what grease are they?)
- Is it a must to replace the reg seat after dis assembly of the X-valve?

3. Will the RPG ViperBlade Trigger or the Luke's Acis Trigger work for on an M90 frame?

4. What's the major diff bet an AM/MM sear and a RT sear? I only have the AM/MM right now so I have nothing to compare it to.

5. Regarding the wave spring and bumper for pump mags anywhere I can buy them from or its just the BST right now?

6. I have an x-valve w/lvl10 I'm planning on using on a pump mag. But it would be less finicky if I use it with a lvl7 bolt, so I would need to replace the lvl 10 (power tube cap and oring, carrier and oring, shims, power tube oring and washer) with that of a lvl 7 ( power tube cap and oring, carrier and washer)?

7. I have a classic valve with one star and I have seen some on the BST with 3 stars(?), what's the difference?

8. Did any of the Venomous Design evolution grips made it into the wild?

Thanks in advance for all the replies.

and this is my very 1st mag(still might change if I can get a hold of meph for his CF mod and I might try a benchmark frame) ... simple but it gets the job done ... and a head turner at times