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    trigger frames

    hey all i was wondering what one would have wrapped up in some completed trigger frames out side of the new year i want to have something going i hope. i have a ripper body and rail and dont know if it would work on emag lowers, pending if xmt makes the new Rt body i think i would just make the ripper a electro or pneu. i would love to ditch the batteries but what would i have wrapped up in a non hacked frame? im really liking the 90* frames, really dont care if the lpr in in or out of the frame

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    I'm hoping to get back to designing mine, but the AO fundraiser set me back more than a month. When I was able to go back to "work" a few other projects wiggled their way in front of it.

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    cant wait for your frame, luke, am starting to save for it

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    who can and would do the whole set up? i looking to possibility do a 90*, weather its a angel or mag frame i thinking i want to go that way or is one better than the other and what angel frames could be used ?... i have a few things i want to tie up then get on this

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    For a Pneumatic set up contact Loguzzzz. He can get you going and let you know what sorts of costs you're looking at.

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    what frames can be modded nicely like angel or others?? what are mag options?? and prices??
    i dont care for the ego frame...

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