Been to busy to post them up.
I made these while I was waiting for the Emag panel materials and tooling to come in.
This was a small run because of limited materials on hand.
Panels are completed minus the engraving (with the exception of two sets).
I need to work out a price and list it in the dealer thread.
Will come with screws and with or without engraving.
Engraving will include:
AGD-AO Logo (Shown below)
Bee-Hive (See Emag Panels)
AO With AO logo (See Emag Panels)
Plain without any engraving.
These are ULE milled and very light, panels without engraving weigh 1.1775 oz. per set.
These are not flat faced panels.
They were designed specifically for the Intelli frame, but fit the AGD Y-frame and PTP Benchmark frames. (Thatís all I tried them on)