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Thread: PTP 09 MM Sear issue

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    PTP 09 MM Sear issue

    I sent my mag to my local mag-whisperer to get the LevelX tuned and figure out why it wasnt firing correctly. Hes had it about two months and we have finally come to the conclusion that the sear is just a hair to far back creating too much drag on the bolt lip.
    This being my first mag, first X valve, first RT on/off, I figured the heavy trigger was normal. The guy working on it has informed that that it is way too heavy for even an RT on/off. So we are thinking the sear is putting too much pressure on the bolt lip and creating too much drag causing the firing issues.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue?

    Please dont clog up the thread bashing the 09, it doesnt help.

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    If the bolt resets, the the problem is probably not because the sear is too far back. If the sear was too far back, the trigger would be heavy, but the bolt would not reset.

    Put the valve into the body with the bolt but without the bolt spring on it. Don't air it up. If the bolt is back against the bumper in its normally reset position, you should be able to freely rotate the sear to engage and disengage without any interference. If the sear hits anything in this position, then you have a problem. Its easy to diagnose without air, because there is nothing to add force so all friction and force is caused by the sear action.
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    Keep in mind this is all just conjecture at this point. It is a PTP 2k9 MM.. and these things are just AWFUL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil
    Keep in mind this is all just conjecture at this point. It is a PTP 2k9 MM.. and these things are just AWFUL!
    So you keep telling me :-p
    My ULE was shipped today anyway. Need to gather more parts.

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