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Thread: would a classic valve work on an egomag??

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    would a classic valve work on an egomag??

    like the title says , i am in the process of building an EGO mag ... I've already got the gun pnuemag'd , but thats boring now and i wanna step it up a notch ... so would classic valve hang with the ego board ?? If not, would an emag valve work ?? really not trying to spend 200 on a X-valve .. the gun will have eyes

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    I ran a classic Valve with my first egomag... Worked great!

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    Classic valve should work unless you're planning shooting in excess of 13-15 bps. Also an emag valve should work fine as well

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    Classic valves work well on mags with electronic grip frames. The electronic control removes the short stroking issues that can cause shoot down at high rates of fire. The classic valve will never reach the rate of fire of an X-valve, but it still achieves a respectable 13 to 16 bps or more, depending on setup and tuning.
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    Classic on/off will be heavier for the ram to trip, needing a higher input on the LP side to noid. This in turn could slow the ROF down a bit, especially if the LP reg has a poor flow and re-charge rate.

    Not sure if a ULT valve drops into a classic ok, but if it does it would be an easy fix for this problem.

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    A ULT is not designed to drop into a classic valve, but you can cut the trigger pull in half by simply dropping in a RT Pro on/off.

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    The closer you run the solenoid valve to it's rated pressure (and at lower pressures like 40 psi), the better the LPR you need. For the SMC-70 (which runs around 60-70 psi) a palmers micro rock is good. If your solenoid can run at 100 psi, you can get by with something smaller like a tickler if your bottle pressure isn't too high. The lower on the sear you get the ram, the less pressure you need, so it all needs to come together in the end.

    The ULT can be made to work with some tuning and a sear stop at least, but they don't move very well in the first place, so I would try to stick with the RT on/off.

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