As I was sitting at dinner with two of my closest friends, listening to them banter between them, I had an idea pop in my tiny little brain…

Before I post the idea I had I am going to give just a tiny bit of background of my two friends, and it will shed some light on my idea… One of my friends is a hard core “Star Wars” fan, while the other is a hard core “Star Trek” fan… so you could just imagine the banter was about that I was listening to. These two guys have known each other for years and the time old “which” is better debate always seems to be a topic whenever they are around.

Now, I remember reading about the “Shatnerball” games, and I am curious if there has ever been a “Star Wars” vs. “Star Trek”. I for one would love to see thirty plus years of “Star Wars” vs. “Star Trek” geekdom rivalry put to the test on a paintball field.

I pitched the idea to them and they both thought it was a great idea… of course the rivalry kicked in and other things were said, but in general they both liked it and said they would play (even though neither of them has ever played paintball).

What would it take to put together a “Star Wars” vs. “Star Trek” paintball war? I do have some experience in putting together small venues for work (approx 50+ people), but I have never attempted to go full out on a grand scale and add themed into the mix… Something like this is pretty much out of my league of expertise, but it seems like a real fun idea to see the 30+ year rivalry mash it out on the paintball field for some bragging rights.

Any suggestions… comments… criticism… would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note I am neutral on the debate… I like both franchises purely for entertainment purposes. But if you throw a “Jeanie” vs. “Bewitched” scenario at me I am in it all the way for “Jeanie”.

Sorry for the lengthy nonse in the post I tend to get long winded when I am tired.