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Thread: Mag noob here need some advice

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    Mag noob here need some advice

    Just picked this up recenty and wondered what kinda deal I got. Scooped it for $120. Dye trigger frame grips and barrel, shocktech drop forward. Classic valve with matching serial #s. the only flaw is it has no detents. Lmk what you guys think or anything special or whatever that I don't know. Thanks

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    $120 is about average on that gun. Not a good deal but you didn't get taken either. Enjoy your mag. It will probably not be your last.

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    Detents are in / part of the barrel

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    I don't see why that is not a great deal. 120 bucks for all that is sweet.
    The market might not be that good and all, but a mag is a mag is a mag.
    Great purchase.

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