I have been thinking about SP / DLX whatever it is lately and how "muddied" the waters have gotten in this regard.

Once upon a time the Mag and Cocker were clearly high end. They used a slightly different mechanical system from most any other marker out there. You either had the mag, the cocker, or one of the "cheap" blowback markers like the Spyder.

I recently picked up a Shocker NXT. The last PSP Chicago I went to (the first year that sideline coaching was allowed IIRC) I drooled over the Shocker NXT. Say what you will about SP of the era but I had shot the SFTs for some time and rather liked the NXT. I was, that year, shooting an Evil Minion for other reasons.

When I "came back" to paintball this year I picked up an NXT (and a Viking, and a classic RT mag). Having grown into the sport shooting SFTs the NXT is everything I remember. Sure it will have its issues but on the field I really do not see what any other marker could do any better. I am sure that owners of the axe, mini, and various other markers will say the same thing. The interesting thing about the NXT is I bought it used and paid a bit less than Ion prices for it.

So buyers are given markers that use, effectively, the same system for firing a paintball in the Ion, various Shockers, and the Luxe. I can spend anywhere from a couple hundred dollars (or less if I buy used) to $1500

The main advantage of the higher end markers has come down to "ergonomics". I understand it can be a valid argument but ergonomics are, but nature, different from person to person. Especially considering the age range and body type difference of paintballers on the field.

So I ask AO its thoughts on todays markers and the lines between low end, high end, and mid range.