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Thread: need help with wire connectors

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    need help with wire connectors

    so , I'm building and ego mag ... and i need the connectors for the solenoid and the eyes ... but i don't want to have to buy a solenoid or eyes just to cut the connector off ... does anyone know what connectors these are and where to get them ?? and also .. what tools do i need to clamp the wires into the connectors ??

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    Talk with this neck-shot.

    He should know where you can get or have parts on hand for you. He might be able to specially build something for you too.

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    eclipse use the jst connectors

    here are digikey part numbers

    2 Pin Male Housing 455-1366-ND
    3 Pin Male Housing 455-1160-ND
    4 Pin Male Housing 455-1202-ND

    Crimp Terminal 455-1281-1-ND

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    The worst problem with these small connectors are the tools for crimping them. They are quite expensive, but it is very difficult to make a good crimp without them. If you can find someone who has one, then you are good to go. Otherwise, it is probably cost prohibitive unless you are doing a lot of work with those connectors.

    I use the pico-blade connectors for most of my small connections, which are the same as the ones on the emag (1.25" pitch). I don't use them for solenoid connections.

    You need to be careful when using a small connector on a solenoid. The current passing through it to activate the solenoid can exceed the rating of the connector. These small connectors are only rated to 1A. Check your current draw. Too high of a current draw will compromise the longevity of the connection due to heating at the point of contact.
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