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Thread: Need help with Z-grip

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    Need help with Z-grip

    I recently got a Z-grip, and am trying to put it on my Mag. Originally, the mag I bought was a Tac-One. Since then, I swapped off the tac body for a ULE body. Still have the x-valve with lvl 10 bolt.

    I got an RT Pro rail, thinking it would allow me to mount the z-grip and my Deadlywind CF foregrip. HOWEVER, I just realized there's these two triangle protrusions on part of the Z-grip, and it prevents me from having the rail mount flush to the grip. What did I do wrong? what do I need to make this work?

    I'm relatively new to mags, so please be gentle and don't throw too many acronyms and stuff at me!

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    Ok, Z grips were made to fit on a classic rail. They then were modified for a flat top to fit the other rails. You have a few choices...

    1. use a classic rail.
    2. send the z grip out and have someone like Luke mill it flat so it will fit any rail.
    3. sell it and buy one that is flat topped already.
    4. send me the z grip and I will use it on one of my rails.

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    Bah, this project keeps getting more and more expensive! LOL My wrist just hurts they way my mag is set up with the intelliframe and my 13ci tank. I was hoping this Z-grip would help with that. I mean, I mocked it up, and it feels good so far. Now I'm not sure which way I wanna go.

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    Grr...was working up a message here and it disappeared.

    Ok, so the Z grip. I had one and absolutely loved it. Lined the body up with the eye perfectly.

    It will run you about $20 to get the wings milled off by Luke:

    I would recommend getting one of Lukes off set rails to shift the ASA to the side slightly. It will give you extra room for your hand/wrist to get in there.

    Here is my gun before I got it all set up nice:

    and here is one of the off set rail:

    I will try and get you a photo from the rear/front so you can see better how it shifts the asa to the side.

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    Thanks wetwrks! It's probably gonna cost me about another $50 for milling and stuff, just to get the Z-grip and foregrip mounted on a rail. Is that worth the investment?

    With the offset rail for mounting the ASA, how does that work if you need to change hands in the middle of a game? I'd imagine it would be comfortable for the main hand as it's set up, but switching would mean that the off-hand would really be pushed by the ASA and air tank, right?

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