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    Mech only games

    Let me be the first to tell you that I am really not interested in competing mech only games where we limit technology through such limitations.

    In my opinion the "issue" that I would like to see resolved in paintball is the amount of air on the field. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with the "all in" speedball games and ramping markers that are allowing players to shoot a case of paint in a game - this just makes the paint cheaper for me. However when I want to play a "different" game the game I want is not really about what marker someone is using but how much paint is in the air.

    I have this discussion about pumps all the time. Some producers provide games that are labeled as "pump only". However the limitations are worded as such that players are using force-fed markers, large capacity loaders, and wearing packs with multiple 200 round tubes. They are shooting 5BPS and are effectively playing the exact same game as a "standard" game. Yes I know there is a reduction in paint in the air (pumps are not as fast as electros) but the reduction is to such a level that it is meaningless to me at least. I have no desire to play this game specifically. I might as well play standard games.

    Now I like stock class but even with this I have gone as far as using constant air and HPA because of convenience and not wanting to litter 12 grams. The point is that the rules for stock class or vertical stock class often are written to such a level that they exclude many players for lack of equipment. Even some of the most popular "vertical stock class" markers are excluded because they have an auto trigger feature (the Phantom)

    What would mech only games do? They would be somewhere between "open pump" and "open". I doubt anyone would notice the difference in game play or format. We would play the exact same game with different equipment. Same tactics, same strategies, just different markers.

    What are my thoughts on this matter? Limit paint by... *gasp* limiting paint. Rather than saying you can't use your electro, your mech-semi, your open class pump, your AT phantom or any other piece of equipment limit how much paint can be brought on the field. Say 400 rounds per player or some such. Want to make it really interesting and develop team "positions"? Limit it by team rather than player. Want to enforce standard "places" on the field allow X amount of tubes in certain positions. Rather than wearing pod packs allow each spot on the field to have pods in it to start. That is to say the back stand ups might have 5 tubes in each one (color coded so they cannot be moved) while the fifty might have a single pod. I think if we want to change the game (without wholesale changes to the field) we could do so simply by limiting paint in various formats.
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    I personally like the mech only idea cause I have the fondest memories of that from back in the day. So its more for nostolgia. The only technical debate I would have I guess for using mech's would be, I like the idea of having to pull the trigger each time you want to shoot a ball. for the most part, thats what mechs make you do. The whole rate of fire debate is not my issue.
    The last two tournaments I played in I used a CCM pump. One of them we took first, and the other we made the cut to finals and finished fourth. So having 12.5bps coming at my head isnt really a concern of mine.

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    Wink Hopper Ball

    We do that around here to some extent.
    You can only bring on the field what will fit in your hopper.
    We call it hopper ball.
    Its the most fun you can have on a paintball field imho.

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    Mech only wouldn't really work because of pneumatic triggers getting down in to the double digit gram weight resistance force, and the associated speeds that those can be reached by walking the trigger.

    Limit on paint is probably the easiest and most straight forward to enforce. Everyone gets one standard hopper (no Pinocchios). Standard meaning around 200. I'm sure there are some hoppers that are 210-220ish, but most are based around 200.

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    Wait, are you talking about competitions, or Saturday walk-on games?

    Cuz I think the 200-ball limit would be great for Saturday walk-on games, to help bring down the differential between a guy with plenty of dough who walks out there carrying 1200 rounds and the latest gun, and the newbie who is playing for the first time with his non-agitating hopper and fogging goggles.

    The "pro" can run out his 200 rounds in the first 20 seconds, but then what. Quit, or play on with no paint. It would force him to move and continue moving, and relying more on tactics and good shots instead of just raining paint at any random 2-inch hole in a bunker that one of 150 paintballs might make it through to eliminate the other player.

    Although I do understand the fields make their money by selling paint, but sometimes it just seems that there needs to be something done to even out the walk-on games. And a paint limit would be a pretty simple way to do it.

    As far as comps, I don't know. Never played a comp, don't really care.

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    Hose much?

    This is a chupacabra.

    No batteries (including hopper), no full auto, no excessively reactive triggers.

    With that in place: how many of you have seen a purely mech marker go hosebeast *in game*.

    I'm not talking about some shooting video you saw online.

    I'm talking about an actual game.

    If they did... was it effective?

    I think many of you are preoccupied with some fear, the nature and origin of which I do not understand.

    I do not believe in a paint limit; if someone wants to strap 2 cases onto their back, then by all means let them. The amount of paint someone is carrying has never concerned me, only the effective ROF he can achieve. Mech-only *will* limit this.

    Most players probably won't even opt for any crazy bouncing or pneutrigger setups. I run a Q-Loader for the profile, not for the ROF.

    And if you do want to try to do it through paint limit, it should be 150, or a loosely packed standard hopper.
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