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See, this is where the thread is veering a bit off from what I thought was originally being discussed in the other thread that got move here. I am interested in an Old School marker game where the older the better marker is brought out and encouraged. Giving out awards for rarest makers, oldest marker etc. If you had enough guys getting together to have a squad of Mag guys going against a squad of Cocker guys and such. I really could care less about mech, electro or whatever, I would like to just see a game with some really old cool markers on the field. I recently went to a CPPL gathering at a localish field and was actually surprised at some of the markers brought out. At one point, there was me with my Mag, another guy with a Palmers, 2-3 guys with cockers and some dude with an old Pro Carbine. Afterwards, we all were in the staging area admiring each others markers and such. It was cool.
sounds like you just need a group of players that are fun to play with, more then you need a classic marker rule. on any given rec day around here there is everything from SC pumps to the newest and fastest.