Well I'm sure some of you remember this trigger from Dan's video where he had most of his Emag covered in towels. There was alot of discussion about perpetual motion and all that stuff that is way over my head. He sent it to me after the amazing results I had with the first one that was spring assisted. At first I had problems getting it to do anything as it seemed the magnets were not strong enough. I talked to Dan and he also mentioned that maybe a light spring in conjunction with the magnets would help. After testing the spring assisted trigger I knew the spring tension was considerably higher than you might think to overcome the force it takes to trip the sear. Anyways I tried a few light springs to no avail and decided that wasnt the route to go. After about a month now it dawned on me that the magnets inside a Prophecy loader for adjusting the clutch were fairly strong. I found the extras they send with the loader and glued a set on the trigger last night on top of the original magnets that Dan had in place. Well as you will see the results are amazing, at least I think they are. It may not be perpetual motion but its damn close.