I'm starting this thread to see if there is any interest in the Enhancer trigger that I have demonstrated recently in another thread. I have full permission from Maghog to use his design and have spoke with both Luke and Xmagterror. Both are a while away from being able to do the work but are interested. I guess what I need to know is, are any of the guys on here wanting to buy one of the triggers for their own Emag? I havent decided if this trigger will be an exact replica of the handmade one that I have or if it will be a combination of some of the currently available triggers on the market. Either way it will be same in function as the one I have but may look a little different. THIS WILL NOT BE A PRE ORDER. I will be funding this project myself and will get done at the pace that the fabricators can produce them and the pace at which I can pay for them. Let me know your thoughts on design and how many triggers will be needed. I have no idea on a price so please dont ask. Im sure the one that was so generously provided for by Maghog, which is handmade and took many hours to complete, would cost around $500. I am trying to not approach a number like that at all which is why I am looking for the help of a machinist. Post your thoughts and we will get this started if there is any interest. Thanks.