Was trying to get a warm fuzzy about the different kinds of valves by searching but became more confused...Please help me out

RT Valve - Stainless Steel - Banjo Bolt (bottom air) - Stock does not accept ULT - On/Off pin .75''
RT Pro Valve - Stainless Steel - Side Air - accepts RT and ULT - On/Off Pin 0.765''
Retro Valve - Same as RT Pro Valve?
xvalve - Aluminum/Stainless Steel combo - Side Air - Accepts ULT - On/Off Pin 0.75''

Are the stainless steel valve more durable than xvalve (Al/SS)?

Wanted to basically find the equivalent of a stainless steel version of a xvalve with RT on/off

I think I am either wanting a RT Pro Valve or a Retro Valve???

The setup I had in mind:

AM/MM rail
Vert Mod SS body
RPG Triton Frame w/ viperblade
classic sear and pin
SS version of an xvalve w/ RT on/off

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!