I'm gonna start playing paintball again- took about two years off when i started college. Anyway... i finally remembered my password and i now have a few questions as my memory has gotten fuzzy.

I want to build a mag pistol, im looking for compact and most likely bulky as that is part of its appeal (to me at least). so here are my questions:

I need a way of securing a 12 gram changer to the side of the rail. my thoughts on how to do this:
-Possibly use an RT Pro rail because of the screw holes it has in it? what are your thoughts?

Secondly i need a way of securing a delta 68 spring loaded feed tube to the feed? is there anyway i could do this with a dremel? what would be the best body to do this on?

there will be more questions- as soon as i lock down a deal i will tell yall about the steal of a deal i found . So hopefully it will go through. Also the reason i think i can start playing again is becuase if i limit myself to only my phantom and this "franken-pistol" (my last gun after i sold off my Emag and Ego 08) than i would not go through ungodly amounts of paint... anyway. glad to start playing again.