I'm starting to put together my very first mag. I have a certain style I want to shoot for when building it. I really want to use the SS No-rise body. I have some concerns about the body before I buy one.

I'm going to set up the mag to switch between Pump/semi when ever I feel like it. My concern for the body is, I don't see any ball detent. I see one on the ULE body, but not on the No-Rise. Will this be a problem when playing pump? I don't want the balls to roll out is my only concern.

I know i could easily go with the ULE body, but the No-rise just looks so awesome, and weight means nothing to me.

Also if you guys know if any other problems with that body, please tell. I haven't decided which to valve to use. A RT pro. or Xvalve.

any help would be awesome.