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    Quote Originally Posted by dahoeb
    Susan Rice blaming the video

    Susan Rice says that a protest got out of hand within the first 2 minutes, skip to the 5 minute mark for the money shot.

    She also says 2 of the 4 Americans that were killed were providing security, as their function. This also proved false, they were former Navy Seals who were assigned in a completely separate building, blocks away, who made their way there to assist.]FOX News (GASP!) Time line[/URL]

    skip to the 5:03 mark, watch until 5:50.
    Start again at 6:10. Watch 7:41 , they dodge "T" word again.
    7:50 Obama blames it on the Mohammed video on Letterman, but he does go on to say that "extremists and some terrorists used it as an excuse to participate and hijack" (paraphrased).

    Susan Rice "no protests" But wait, there was no protests, according to politico reporting for ABC and Susan Rice. Or according to the final entries in Ambassador Steven's journal. Or according to your Huffpo.

    Your one CNN link about Petraeus' testimony doesn't come close to erasing all the BS Obama's staff has been feeding the public regarding this.

    Best case scenario, the administration is incompetent. They spun up some garbage without all the facts and let the message go out to the 300+ million Americans.

    Worst case scenario, they deliberately tried downplay and throw smoke screens over the event to avoid any election backlash.
    i don't really care about what the rage machine has fed you, but its pretty obvious when you look at the statements made in the weeks afterward what happened, and now we are only getting more and more confirmation of that from the other players who know. it was called both a terrorist attack and a violent riot in response to a video, because it was both. it was both all along. lets face it, the rage machine tried to make this an issue only because of the presidential race to try and paint obama as weak on defense.

    those of us outside the bubble, this is such a non-issue. but for you true believers, the more evidence that proves you wrong only proves you more right in your mind. there just isn't that much to get your panties in a bunch here. its a tragedy no doubt, and yes mistakes were made, as they always are in combat situations, yes there have been conflicting reports, as there always are in combat situations, hindsight is always 20/20, but there just isn't a vast conspiracy to surrender to the Muslims here, sorry.
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