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Thread: Tunaball 7 - Sunday game play discussion

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    Tunaball 7 - Sunday game play discussion

    UPDATED 4/24/2013
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    After thinking about it, here are the rules for Tunaball 7's VINTAGE GUN DAY.

    -Any mechanical marker. No Full auto, No RTing.
    -Any pump
    -Any electro without eyes or ramping.
    (Emags will be allowed with 1.37 software ONLY. No Xmags)
    -Pneumags ok but subject to approval: No full auto no RTing
    -No markers with model years after 2002
    -VL Revies or equivalent ONLY!
    -9volt (1 battery) warps ok since they are limited to about the same feed rate as a revy.

    There will be guns that may not fit into these guidelines but may still be considered vintage. These are only guidelines and equipment should fit into the spirit of the day. We can rule on them in a case-by-case basis.

    Again, "spirit of the day" is the operative phrase here.

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