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Thread: ODDPB: History and preservation.

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    Exclamation ODDPB: History and preservation.

    The Oddpb Obituary:

    AO: Since no one wanted to post any photoshop ideas I decided to work on a little project of mine. I decided to make a fanpage for an old paintball company called Oddpb. Let me know what you think!!!

    Here is the post from

    I know, I know... I probably should of posted this in the "Oddpb Gun List and Photos" but I didn't want this information to be at the bottom of a thread that hasn't been updated in a while....

    A few weeks ago I stumbled on my old paintball pictures folder and found most of oddpbs photos of their work. I figured I would put them up and show them to the people who would really care about it. Fortunately, I saw Ballin' Balla's post and found a wealth of information about the oddities that oddpb create years ago.

    I decided to do some research and I pulled up the wayback machine and found Oddpb's old site. While crawling through the pages I stumbled on the gun list that odd put together outlining all the markers up to #42. Since the old oddpb list hasn't been updated in a while I decided to create a wordpress site to showcase Odd's paintball work.

    This website is almost exactly what oddpb was set-up like back years ago. The serials, names, and pictures are all original to oddpb.

    I think that paintballers should preserve the history of what we really enjoy. If anyone has researched old paintball threads they quickly realize how many domains and hosting companys change/go under. It is pretty frustrating trying to actually find what you are looking for. That is the reason why I created a free wordpress site so hosting and domain costs are not needed.

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted information about oddpb. It made it alot easier to compile the list of markers. :-)


    1 Odd Cocker
    5 EFPM
    6 FMPM
    8 Gone to Plaid
    9 You Talkin To MEgo
    10 Punisher Cyborg
    11 Bone Daddy
    12 12th Man
    14 The Warbird
    15 Flash Dark Intimidator
    16 Ghost Argyle
    17 The Reaper
    18 Roy
    19 dEdication
    20 Tie-Dye Trix
    21 Juggernaut
    22 Rasta Lace
    23 Old Hat
    24 M.C.E.go
    25 Tartan Mini
    26 Pinstripe Ego
    27 Beatdown City
    28 Dinner In Hell
    29 Purple Lace
    30 Apocalypse Cow
    31 Samurai
    32 Venture Bros.
    33 Ghost Rider
    34 We Are Venom
    36 Ladybug Ego 6
    37 PsychoBOT
    38 Not an Exit
    39 Clown Kills You!
    40 Plaid2
    41 Psychoflage PMR
    42 Pornflauge DM7

    No Serial New York Chaos
    No Serial 47 Angel
    No Serial Matrix Etek
    No serial Odd Nerve
    No serial Techno Dark Ego
    No serial Odd Species
    No Serial Island Duck
    No Serial Sniper Phantom
    No Serial Knotwork Karni Pump
    No Serial Lace DM
    No Serial Odd Angel

    Aurora Cutstep DM7
    Aurora Cutstep Closer
    Aurora Cutstep Ego7
    Aurora Cutstep Mini

    Aurora Oddpb marq 7
    Aurora Oddpb sl74
    Aurora Oddpb duckslide phantom
    Aurora Oddpb nxt shocker
    Aurora Oddpb vice
    Aurora Oddpb ripper cocker
    Aurora Oddpb karnivor
    Aurora Oddpb black magic cocker
    Aurora Oddpb luxe
    Aurora Oddpb Karta Emag

    *Any serial left blank, means that there was no record on the old site. I can only assume that they left the serials out so they could create markers at a later time.

    *The "No Serial" markers in the list mean that they were included in the original oddpb list but they did not get laser engraved with the serial. I think the reason was because it wasn't a full blown oddity. Just the basic package that odd put out.

    Please feel free to contribute and post within the articles. I will not be update that frequently, but if you guys post some great information in the comments I'll make sure to update it correctly.

    The Oddpb Obituary:
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    Oddities #1-10

    1.) Odd Cocker

    5.) EFPM

    6: FMPM

    8.) Gone to Plaid

    9.) You Talkin To MEgo

    10.) Punisher Cyborg

    More pictures and information at

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    Oddities #11-20

    11.) Bone Daddy

    12.) 12th Man

    14.) The Warbird

    15.) Flash Dark Intimidator

    16.) Ghost Argyle

    17.) The Reaper

    18.) Roy

    19.) dEdication

    20.) Tie-Dye Trix

    More pictures and information at

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    Oddities #21-30

    21.) Juggernaut

    22.) Rasta Lace

    23.) Old Hat

    24.) M.C.E.go

    25.) Tartan Mini

    26.) Pinstripe Ego

    27.) Beatdown City

    28.) Dinner In Hell

    29.) Purple Lace

    30.) Apocalypse Cow

    More pictures and information at
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    Oddities #31-42

    31.) Samurai

    32.) Venture Bros.

    33.) Ghost Rider

    34.) We Are Venom

    36.) Ladybug Ego 6

    37.) PsychoBOT
    No pictures available. :daveface:

    38.) Not an Exit:

    39.) Clown Kills You!

    40.) Plaid2

    41.) Psychoflage

    42.) Pflage

    More pictures and information at

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    Oddities: No Serial Number

    No Serial Numbers:

    Lace DM

    Knotwork Karni Pump

    Sniper Phantom

    Island Duck

    Odd Species

    Techno Dark Ego

    Odd Nerve

    Matrix Etek

    47 Angel

    New York Chaos

    Odd Angel

    More pictures and information at
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    Oddities: Aurora

    Cutstep Aurora

    Aurora Vice

    Aurora NXT Shocker

    Aurora Duckslide Phantom

    Aurora SL74

    Aurora Karta E-mag

    Aurora Luxe
    No picture available. :daveface:
    Aurora Black Magic Autococker
    No picture available. :daveface:
    Aurora Karnivor
    No picture available. :daveface:
    Aurora Ripper Autococker
    No picture available. :daveface:
    Aurora Marq 7
    No picture available. :daveface:

    More pictures and information at

    I hope you guys enjoyed the thread. It took me a few days to track down and compile all the pictures together. I went through all the pictures I had and changed the file names back to the original names as well to make sure down the line, people will still be able to find these pictures.

    Please rate the thread and let me know what you think!!!

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    oh gees, here too...



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    Thanks bunny I love this stuff.

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    Thanks for sharing

    How do they get a finish on the Aurora Karta E-mag like that?

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    BTAutoMag: I wasn't sure if AO was interested in the AGG. lol. At least you guys didn't assume I was oddpb yet...

    Flatliner333: Thanks bro. Make sure you go to the wordpress page to see all the different pictures as well. It was a PITA to find all the different pictures that were missing.

    TOTShadowCompany: Money.... . Heres a thread outling aurora Whenever the finish is brought up a **** storm ensues.... Getting a company to actually do the process is the hardest part though.

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    triple mag shop.
    --how do you get the aurora finish not to mess with the automag clearances?
    -- do you know anyone who has the ability to do a great aurora effect?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny
    BTAutoMag: I wasn't sure if AO was interested in the AGG. lol. At least you guys didn't assume I was oddpb yet...
    I didnt, it was the 2nd poster... and that was hilarious

    KNN: Contact speedstar808 on PBN

    Oh and Bunny is right, you can only get an Aurora anno by literally melting about 1500$ in a tub and dipping your gun in it

    I got quoted for them to do 1 TRIGGER... go ahead... guess

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    KNM: It involves 8 steps and is very labor intensive to make it look right. If it gets screwed up in the process the part will need to be refinished (not destroyed like many people think, it's just a pain to refinish a part that takes you hours to do.) Time=$$$

    SSR Racing can do the finish, they just completed parts for an Aurora Autococker that turned out pretty good.

    You can also try out There was a user on PBN that sent in an EGO ETEK to get it done, cost about $350-$400 for him. So he got a pretty good deal.

    I was in communication with SSR Racing to get an Xmag done in Aurora, depending on condition it would of been over $1000. The price didn't scare me one bit, but the communication dropped pretty quickly. We had about 10-15 e-mails and they suddenly stopped e-mailing me back.

    Maybe they are getting swamped with alot of quotes from PBN, but I completely lost interest in the build since I wasn't really treated like a customer. I know better than to throw $$ at people anymore.

    I know there are many companies that can do the PVD Rainbow finish, but i'm still worried that most companies will not understand the tolerences for paintball parts.

    Fun Fact: You can put the aurora finish over an anodized part. (I wonder why they charge so much then....)

    I have e-mailed and called about 6-7 different companies, as soon as I say "Paintball Marker" they stop talking....

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    My buddy had Odd make #38: not an exit. It's American Psycho
    Custom milled ULE bodied E-Mag
    DEMONIC Freeflow Cocker No. 4 of 13 My Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny
    Aurora Karta E-mag
    just quoting this pic... because lets face it, who DOESNT want to look at this again?

    Edit: Stock feedneck? wtf?

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    myabe have to get my euromag autora'd, who knows. not anytime soon.

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    Theres a company on PBN offering this service and I contacted them. They are running a special right now and are offering a barrel, body, and trigger for $750. Not quite a bargain but reasonable. A friend of mine got that cocker done there they are using for advertising and it turned out nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sQuidvision
    Edit: Stock feedneck? wtf?
    Why waste a good feeneck on a wall hanger?

    Definitely some impressive work. Did these guys go out of business for financial isssues or find other pursuits? Seems like someone capable of this kind of work would have a fairly steady stream of work.
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    OPBN: Not really sure, a few years ago they purchased PrecisionPB and after the aurora run they seem to fall of the face of the earth. I think Lorne and his wife ran the operation. I bet it was pretty taxing working the everyday operations, design concepts, shipping, laser engraving, etc. for such a highly desired product.

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