so i've been seeking air-thru capability with a mag since i saw flatliners mag, but there seems to never be enough room, i threw around the idea of a mag with mini lowers and saw the idea pop up in a MotM entry...

so i have pics of my plans

and here

im able to fit without modification:
Humphrey CRCB-0053W
microline & fittings
LPR (all i have available is an AKA im SURE i can find a smaller one

plumbing illustration here

all this needs is a custom rail, sleeper asa, retreading the valve to 1/8 NPT. i was hoping to use the eye board from the mini (body milling required) and using a jumper to connect the lower and upper board, socketing the solenoid into the upper board and wiring a micro switch for trigger

this will be mostly reversable

so my question is where can i get a rail made to test a proto-type, i think this will be awesome?
Who wants one?