i think the entire intellectual and philosophical community would be interested in your proof of a god, as it has so far eluded humanity since the dawn of time
Actually not. Either you totally ignore those things that are convenient to you or your knowledge is really that shallow. I'm beginning to think your knowledge is that shallow and you simply are not capable of forming your own arguments - hence your failure to form cogent arguments when called on. As addressed before all your supposed "reasoning" to defend your statement that all religion was evil all had the logical fallacy of begging the question

Your statment that it has not been done ignores Aristotles prime mover argument.

It ignores all five of Thomas Aquinas's logical proofs.

It ignores countless others as well

This is why noone takes you seriously. You make these broad sweeping statements and claim to know all of human philosophy and intellect and the entirety of the intellectual and philosophical communities. Truth be told you build card stacking arguments to advance your conclusion without ever giving any hint that there are strong arguments against it. You lack intellectual honesty. You can take that however you want - its a statement of fact. You come across as arrogant by trying to claim some intellectual superiority where you seem to lack it to such a degreee to render your judgements of others in these conversations moot

Morbid curiousity is giving way. Serious discussion will have to continue without you as you simply hinder it.