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Thread: Anyone own / shot a DYE Reflex?

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    Anyone own / shot a DYE Reflex?

    Just curious as to what you thought of it. I saw a very nice DYE NT11 I thought about bidding on on eBay, and saw they have the new Reflex for sale on their site for roughly the same price new. Is it the middle of the road DYE marker or something? The DM Series is still a grand in there really a difference between the two markers?

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    Personal opinion not a huge difference between them shooting wise
    Bit like the ego and etek ones just more refined

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    Thanks for the input renie. This topic actually spills over into another thought I had recently. Having owned three mags in the past, I'm curious as to what answer people would give on here as to why they feel they are so superior to other marker types? In my career, I have owned the following markers:

    Tippmann 68 Carbine - 1995
    68 Automag - 1996
    Old School RT with a Hyperframe - 1999
    Angel ir3 - 2002
    Angel LCD - 2004
    Minimag - 2008
    Dangerous Power G3 - 2010

    I'm going to be in the market for a new marker at some point soon and I'm weighing what I like and dislike about a lot of markers out there. I'm certainly not opposed to a return to the Mag family, but here is my likes and dislikes for them:


    Reliable (mostly in my experience)
    Easy to work on
    Simplistic parts
    Decent amount of upgrades and a lot of room for reconfiguration
    Base platform price
    Size of marker


    Weight (never shot one with a X-Valve and ULE body)
    Stock trigger feel, pull and ROF
    Loud (comparatively)
    Not a ton of places carrying AGD parts and upgrades anymore
    High pressure operation as opposed to low pressure
    High priced upgrades such as the X-Valve (especially) and the ULE body comparatively

    I'd love to hear some comments both for and against the Automag family as it relates to other brands. Always makes for good conversation!


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