In case if I'm not the only one who uses the Q-loader here. Just wondering if anyone else regularly uses on around here as they seem to be the minority in users most anywhere. And just in case if anyone ever considers using one and haves questions or problems about them then feel free to ask me. Seeing that there is a lot of hate and bad experiences out there I would like to improve that image of Qloaders.

And also If anyone else who uses it could you tell me how your experience with it has been. I am a loner enough at my local field as is with using a mag and even more with using a Q-loader. Also has anyone around here designed a mag or any other marker to be used specifically with a Q-loader? I have a basic ULE X-valve sort of mag but it has one unique feature which is an epoxied grip with a Qloader as the stock. Pic right here

Will be glad to see if I'm not the only one who uses one here. And if not then..... Forever alone