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    Mag trouble

    Bought my first mag air it up pulled the trigger and nothing. Pulled the tigger and nothing again. I was like great I just got screwed then the gun just started shooting on its own. Anyone have any ideas on where I should start? Has x valve with level 10. The gun will not fire if you pull the trigger, but will sometimes fire automatic upon release.

    Or should I ask for a refund.

    I do not have any mag parts shims ext or add or on/odd or switch out. To see if others work.

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    where did you buy it from? You will most likely need an automag parts kit. You should probably purchase one of those. Try adjusting the velocity some and see if that works.

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    Few things first.

    -You need a HP tank to run a mag. Need at least 800 psi. The marker will sometimes shoot with less but 800+ is what you really need/want

    -Pull the valve out and oil each part individually. Mainly your on/off, lvl 10 oring and valve pin assy.

    -With the barrel off, pull the hose off the QD at the valve, add about 4-5 drops of oil in the fitting, reinstall hose, air it up and fire it about 10 times.

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    Do what Ando suggests for now. It will help moisten the orings and get them moving properly. Quite often, mags just need to be properly tuned. You will need an X-valve tune-up/parts kit. If you have no extra bolt springs, get some of those too. They are needed to properly tune your level 10 and they do wear out as well.

    If the valve is used, change all the orings so you know you are starting with fresh genuine AGD orings. If the valve is new, then the orings should be fine and may just need to be moistened with a light synthetic oil.

    When you do get your parts kit, tune the level 10 carrier size:

    - Remove all the shims from the powertube. You won't be needing them.
    - install the largest carrier size that does not produce a leak with the white carrier oring you are using. Always use the same oing in each carrier that you install. Its the oring inner diameter that you are adjusting with the carrier sizes.

    Tune the antichop:

    - Install the middle red bolt spring. If you can only get the gold and silver springs, use a silver spring.

    (Start here)
    - starting with the velocity all the way off, turn up the velocity until the gun fires. Measure the velocity.
    - Adjust the velocity about 20fps higher. This is your optimum velocity for anti-chop and consistent operation.
    - If the velocity is too high for you, cut a coil off one end of the silver spring.
    - install the cut end of the spring against the bolt
    - go back to "Start here" and check your velocity again.
    - once you get the velocity you want, the gun will be tuned for optimum antichop and consistent operation.
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    ok now I have it firing with no shims and all and it will only fire when i pull the trigger but when it does fire it will only shoot full auto

    any ideas on this

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    Make sure you have all your on/off orings installed. The on/off consists of 17 through 23. If you have a ULT in place of the on/off, pull all the shims out but say 2.

    Your on/off is more likely your issue. Wear on the sear (not shown), the bolt (16 and 2), main spring (1 and 15) or a very small leak at the valve pin assy (30) can cause it too.

    If you don't have a parts kit. I would highly suggest getting one. If you have a lvl 7 bolt, go for a RT kit, if you have a lvl 10 installed, get a Xvalve kit.
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