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Thread: Parts to build a mag? Teach me how to EPneuMag and PumpMag

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    Parts to build a mag? Teach me how to EPneuMag and PumpMag

    Hey does anyone have tips on parts to use to make PumpMags or EgoMags (or Electro Pneumatic Mags in general)?

    -Would a X-Valve be overkill or will a classic valve with L10 bolt be sufficient?
    -Does anyone else offer a GOOD pump kit compatible with CCM handles other than rainman?
    -What 86* frame will work on a Mag? Is there a single trigger Y frame available for purchase?
    -Should I buy a classic mag, put a ULE body on it, then send it to rainman or Luke to mill it for a pump kit?

    -What frame should I use? I can get my hand on a aurora Etek frame easily at the moment (I so want a star frame though)
    -Is a PPS Pebble the recommend LPR? What other quality LPR should I check out?
    -Alternatives for the SMC SY113A-SG-PM3 noid?
    -Any Alternative to the MPA-3?
    -Is a QEV recommended or required?
    -What Rail should I get?
    -Anything else I'm missing? (ULE mainbody, Xvalve, trigger frame, rail, LPR, solenoid, ram, pops asa, bike grip, vert. asa, CCM macro fittings, CCM feedleck with locklever, freak barrel)

    If you want to give a crash course on PumpMags and/or elecropneu mags please do, I would LOVE to hear it!

    NOTE: I'm just collecting cheap parts starting February after I get my S6 or J12(unless I find something uber cheap), until I can acquire a large sum of cash. I'm also new to mags in general

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    Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hth
    Any advice?
    welcome to AO, glad to see you made it.

    Pump mag.

    most would say Xvalve is over kill for it, some would say same thing for level ten.
    right now only pump kit you can get is from rainman and i think he is running low or might already be out. keep an eye out on the forum, they do pop up. you can use any body and rail combo you can find out there, just need to get the body and rail milled for it. you can also post a wtb in the parts section, somebody might just have the body and rail already pump milled.

    start with the aurora or any cheap ego frame, specially if you are going to do the work yoursel and its your first time mod the frame. last thing you want to do is mess up the star frame you love so much.
    most will tell you palmers lpr will save you tons of headache.
    again any rail you want to use.
    everything else really is just what flavor you like.

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    Find Hills thread on this site it is extremely helpful. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to mechanical projects and that thread got me through the project. I have a fantastic shooting (although it's ugly) egomag now. I would recommend starting with a cheap frame as I did screw up my first try.

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    I do have hill's guide loaded up before joining AO, I guess I just need to read through more guides then?

    I'm hoping ANSGear has the frame on sale come Boxing Day so I can pick that up for cheap

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