Hey does anyone have tips on parts to use to make PumpMags or EgoMags (or Electro Pneumatic Mags in general)?

-Would a X-Valve be overkill or will a classic valve with L10 bolt be sufficient?
-Does anyone else offer a GOOD pump kit compatible with CCM handles other than rainman?
-What 86* frame will work on a Mag? Is there a single trigger Y frame available for purchase?
-Should I buy a classic mag, put a ULE body on it, then send it to rainman or Luke to mill it for a pump kit?

-What frame should I use? I can get my hand on a aurora Etek frame easily at the moment (I so want a star frame though)
-Is a PPS Pebble the recommend LPR? What other quality LPR should I check out?
-Alternatives for the SMC SY113A-SG-PM3 noid?
-Any Alternative to the MPA-3?
-Is a QEV recommended or required?
-What Rail should I get?
-Anything else I'm missing? (ULE mainbody, Xvalve, trigger frame, rail, LPR, solenoid, ram, pops asa, bike grip, vert. asa, CCM macro fittings, CCM feedleck with locklever, freak barrel)

If you want to give a crash course on PumpMags and/or elecropneu mags please do, I would LOVE to hear it!

NOTE: I'm just collecting cheap parts starting February after I get my S6 or J12(unless I find something uber cheap), until I can acquire a large sum of cash. I'm also new to mags in general