Time for noob questions....

1) Do ULE bodies take angel threaded feed necks?
2) Somebody explain to me the relationship between tank output and the way an xvalve and classic valve would react (both with level 10s)
3) Some guy named JB does welding- does he still exist?
4) Whats a good tank for my set up (Class valved mag with level 10 and a ULE xvalved mag with level 10?
5) Who does annodizing that wont loose all your stuff and get it back to you in a timely fashion
6) Can I adjust the output on a tank reg (for instance a ninja or GA reg) without buying a kit for it or taking it apart. The bottom line is- is it necesarry for me to buy a maxflo, micro maxflo, or flatline. Im hesitant to buy one because the way I see it its a pain in the butt to move from gun to gun and more equipment equals more failures.

that is all.