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    Ever get to that point

    where you have 3-4 markers sitting around in pieces and no money to finish them without selling the others to fund it? It sucks having more vision than cash.... LOL.

    To make it relevant. Post up pics of the projects you have in the works that may or may not ever see completion.

    A few of mine that I keep staring at:

    Essentially spare pieces that I acquired and decided would make a great pistol mag. After eyeballing it for a couple of months, I realized I want a lighter barbones rail. Also need to decide exactly how I want to feed it and most options (that I like) are looking to be in the $30-50 range. Considering the chances that I will ever actually play pistol are so freaking remote, I am having a tough time rationalizing the parts to complete it.... Also, as a pistol this thing is like holding a brick with one hand and waving it around.

    Retro Valve project. Somewhere in here are bits and pieces of my first ever Automag. I think the sear might be original, and maybe the rail before I milled it down, but nothing else. Finally got the body that I have always wanted for it, but having a hard time bringing myself to milling down the pim and cutting the feedneck down. Also, getting the black coating off the "teflon" coated bodies is a female dog. This is what it looks like after sanding and polishing for about an hour. Still has a dark hue about it. About the only things besides modding the body that needs to be done is getting a small drop and a clamping feedneck. Kind of one of those projects though that isnt urgent as I have so many others in front of this that I actually use that I know it will most likely be forever a wall hanger.

    Another one that started life as leftovers. Got the Chimera a few years back and used to use it on a fairly modded MiniMag that I ended up disassembling and using various parts for other projects and/or sold some off. The frame has some issues. Someone burned through the back of the frame when I am guessing they were modding for a pneu conversion. They also over milled the pocket they were making for the ram and took out the safety spring and ball hole making them unuseable. So essentlally the frame has become project fodder. Body has been shortened, valve capped and the rail is custom milled by Luke. I just got around to mounting the MSV mount and cutting the trigger pin. Big steps! Still have to figure out the sleeper mod and not 100% sure it will work, so I don't have a lot of motivation to complete it. Ideally, I would also like to get another rail made as I didnt think ahead and gave the wrong width dimensions, so the frame is actually wider than the rail which looks wonky to me. Jackups like this are frustrating, so here it sits.....

    Last up boys and girls is the pump project that I just bought. After getting it, and acquiring a valve after I just sold a valve... , realized that I am not happy with the rail (seller forgot to mention that whoever pump milled it did it partially by hand and originally started at the wrong end of the rail), and I promised myself that if I built another pump I would use an X valve so that it could be anodized. I actually have a valve that I can "borrow" from another marker that I am considering getting rid of anyways, but still leaves me with buying a pump kit, new rail ($110 for the custom one I want) feedneck and other bits and peices, so it aint happening anytime soon. That and I really still don't play pump very often.

    These are just my Mag projects. Doesnt include the M98 that I have waiting for me to complete the Ebolt intall on or the Spyder project that has taken a nastyish turn and I am having problems getting it to reach proper FPS. I also have some parts that I have been reluctantly selling because I know that I will most likely never get around to buying the parts I need to finish such as an Ego frame.

    I think the kicker of the issue is that even if I were to sell all this stuff off, a lot of it doesnt have much value other than to me. I.E. the Chimera, frame on the pistol, most of the parts on the Retro etc. So I am looking at taking losses or selling bits and pieces of various projects and getting hung with what is left over. Sigh.
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