I've posted up about this idea before I think, but wanting to get some more opinions. Once it's done, it's done. I have a Chimera that was messed up a bit that I am attempting to sleeper pneu. When I got it the bottom hold in the frame was not small enough to be properly tapped for 1/8" NPT threads. My solution/thought was to bore it out more and mill down a brass insert that I will than ask JB Welding to work their magic and weld the brass insert into place (lol). Before doing this I will flatten the bottom of the fram more to ensure a better flat sealable surface. I think this should work using a nice fat rubber o-ring. According to the specs, it has a 3960psi rating, so it should hold. I guess I could tap the hole in the bottom side of the frame for set screws if anyone things it's needed for added safety...?

I know it will take a fair amount of JB Weld to be slathered on to make sure there are no pin holes to air to leak out of, but does anyone esle see any problems with this plan that I may have overlooked? I originally wanted to try and get some sort of milled insert that would slide into the frame from the bottom, but didn't think there was enough room due to the positiioning of bottom line screws.