so i have my egomag setup put together.

-xvalve is tune and shoots fine.
-everything goes together just fine.
-using and EGO8 OLED board/the one that does the readout not the LED lights
-got a plug to plug the SMC noid into the board

-SMC noid seems to be venting all the the time
-sometimes the ram in the clippard rammer stays out and does not reset
-the ram when it does reset and i start cycling shots with the ram in my hand, it doesnt seem to be activating very hard. (exmaple i get the lpr to put out a higher preasure and hold my thumb over the ram and it doesnt even move my thumb) is this right?, the hole time the smc noid is just dumping air out the vent port.

anyone who can help me with what to do please speak up.

thankyou for any and all help.
kinda bummed that this is not going well.

lmk what you guys think.