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Thread: what length ccm feedneck fits shockwave body

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    what length ccm feedneck fits shockwave body

    Long story short the anodizer lost my friends feedneck. Looking at buying a ccm one for his shockwave body. Does anyone know what length (shortest one that fits)of ccm feedneck will fit it without bottoming out on the fillet of the feedneck.

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    This will work just fine.
    CCM did a run of 1" (more like 1.25) no pros that didn't bottom out but I can't seem to find a site that has them. It'll be old new stock. Might be able to find something in BST in one of the many PB forums.

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    i have a no pro on mine. i will double check when i get home to make sure it is not bottoming out on the fillet.


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