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Thread: pump hard on evil

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    pump hard on evil

    my pump finally works great, but it breaks evil paint sometimes, will doing something to the spring help?

    what general suggestions exist for breaking paint in a pump?

    Using Level 7 in a with a Classic Valve

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    Well, evil is a pretty fragile paint to begin with. I'm guessing a foamie bolt might help with the level 7. Going to a level 10 would probably be the only alternative.

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    1. Switch to foamy type bolt
    2. Make sure barrel size is matched to paint and not too tight
    3. Make sure detent isn't sticking into breech too far

    Non foamy cupped face bolts can cause roll back in breech, which leads to chopping and half feeds. Also stick to gravity loaders or minimal force feed powered hoppers. Excessive force feeding can lead to breaks on fragile paint. A guy I was playing pump with recently had a nightmare with breaks. Turned out it was his Rotor maxed on force feed smashing balls. Anyone using a Rotor on a pump deserves a kick in the nuts. I've got a foamy LvL7 bolt on my pump, proto loader and always check barrel size = zero paint breakage
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    Barrel size is the biggest culprit in situations like this. Make sure the paint matches or is smaller than the bore size of your barrel. The paint should only slightly touch the barrel on two opposite sides. If the point of contact on one or more sides is wide or if the ball makes contact at multiple points, then the barrel is too tight for very fragile paint.
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    the fix

    it's working perfect now - changes made

    level 7 foamie bolt (rusty)

    .687 red freak insert

    SHP Ninja Pro regulator - i think about 1,100

    weaker, older spring

    gravity hopper

    at 47 degrees this AM, i shot an entire hopper of crappy Evil with not one break!

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