(I have tried searching, but I think I'm more confused than before)
So I have a question, which I'm gonna ask in two different ways:

Abridged version:
What type is the sear that comes with the Tac-One from the factory?

Detailed version:
I had originally purchased a Tac-One directly from AGD. Later, I decided I like carbon fiber, so I got rid of the Tac-One body, and got a ULE body that has since been milled and reworked with a carbon fiber sleeve. I also swapped in a ULT kit as well.
After messing around with the idea of putting a Z-grip on it and getting an RT Pro rail and a classic rail, I decided it wasn't worth the time or money (at the time) to get the Z-grip to work properly with my marker. So I put the Z-grip back on the marker I bought in order to get it, and sold it. The marker left working like a charm.
HOWEVER, I must have swapped out the sear somehow, because my marker isn't working like it should. Currently, dry-firing it makes it shoot full auto, for a 3 to 5 shot rapid burst. With paint, the marker will shoot once, and continues to whoosh air out. I checked and oiled everything, but it still does the same thing. I did notice that the back end/block of the sear (the part that contacts the on/off on the ULT in the X-valve) doesn't fit through the back hole of the carbon fiber sleeve. The thing is, I'm pretty confident it used to, because the marker worked like a charm before I messed with the grips and stuff. I know I moved the sear from rail to rail when working on this project, so I'm guessing this is the only other thing I can't fix that is causing the problem.
So...is there anything else I can check? What is the sear style that would fit my ULE rail that would have a smaller back block that would fit through the back hole of the carbon fiber sleeve so that my marker can fire?