Well the time has come to see how much interest there is in producing these triggers. The production ones will not be as intricate or decorative as the previous one that I have shown you. They are simpler in design but none the less the same in function. Maghog was very generous in building these prototypes and I will be getting them built if the AO community wants them. This is not a pre order and will get done when I get the time. I am funding this on my own which is why I just want a count of how many people are interested. I would estimate the cost to be around $200. So if you are not prepared to spend a significant amount of money on a fancy trigger, then dont sign up. I will reduce the cost if I can get them produced for less. Here are the pics of the new ones which are not complete yet. They lack the magnets as I cannot install them before reproduction. The only videos I have are of the previous model. Here it is:

And heres the video link:

The magnets in the new trigger will be recessed into the trigger and will not stick out the way they do on the prototype. The trigger is milled for the return magnet and drilled and tapped for the HES magnet. I will start a list below.