Okay I am used to the classic valve and I got a used RT valve that has an X-valve back and the serial numbers dont match up. Meaning that its a bit messed up and the Z-lock pin and writing is upside down in order to be used.

Okay now on to the problem. I oiled up the valve a day before my final day of play for the season to maintenance it. I didn't replace any O-rings and I didn't mess with it. I put the valve back in and I emptied 1k of air through it with an RT effect. It worked perfectly and didn't have a problem at all. 10 hours later I went all packed and ready into my first game and my bolt wouldn't reset. I thought it would be a simple fix so I went back and I opened up my valve to fix. I started to replace the O-rings with a sizable kit my local field owner donated to me since I am the only one at my field who often uses a mag'. I started to replace all of the O-rings and I went out to test it at the chrono. Same problem. Bolt would not reset and would vent out air. So I went back and replaced the spring. Problem persisted. Went back and I loosened my field strip screw considerably and it seemed okay and I tried t shoot a few and unintentionally it fired 5 shots when I wanted to fire 2 and it then continued with the problem. I then looked at the on/off valve and I replaced the O-ring in there. Now my on/off is sticking to far out of the valve for me to put it back in the marker. I have replaced that O-ring multiple times and it still persists.

Now share me your wisdom AO. And I know that you are all going to say something that is super easy and obvious and I am just going to end up looking like an idiot but I need your help anyway.