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Thread: Manual for a Boo-yah ELCD Grip needed

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    Manual for a Boo-yah ELCD Grip needed

    Hey guys,

    I picked up a Boo-yah elcd MAG grip, along with some other parts.
    As far as I am waware, there should be a specific on/off for this combination, made by Boo-yah.

    Can anyone help me with a manual/instructions for the grip?

    Would like to see if it fits to my current setup without any issues.


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    There was a specific on/off assembly Booyah made. They are very hard to find. But luckily a AGD ULT on/off will work perfectly. So, I would suggest just using one of those. But make sure your valve can take a ULT. classics and some RT Pro/Retro valves are not able to handle ULT's. All xvalves can though. Enjoy your BooYaah, they rip and are lots of fun. I have two of them and they are fantastic!

    Not sure on how to find a manual, but by just going through the buttons you should figure out all the settings pretty easy.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I should be fine with the settings and good to know that the ULT will work.

    I was more wondering about the installation... (which sear, how to install an adjust etc.)

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    You need the AGD sear to be without the trigger rod. Just remove the rod from the sear, put in a ULT, and your good to go! Enjoy!!!

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    Thanks a lot for your help - I will give it a try

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    This a scan of my Spyder manual. Although some is different I would think the programming parts are the same.

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