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Thread: XmagWorld Re-Released!

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    Exclamation XmagWorld Re-Released!

    AO: Anyone remember the old site I really wanted to bring back Xmagworld and decided to try and compiled all of the information the former site had. Information on the internet doesn't last as long as you would think. It was pretty sad seeing all of the great sites that people made years ago whither away and expire. I decided to host the new site on so no one will need to pay for hosting and hopefully it says online for years to come. If you want to help out or send pictures feel free to send me a PM.

    Site Features:

    • X-Mag Differences
    • X's on the Assembly Line, RobAGD Batch Pictures, and A+ Anodizing Batch.
    • We are the lucky one's: Google Drive Spreadsheet so anyone can update their serial numbers.
    • Prototype pictures (Battery Housings, Aztec, Manik-e-mag, CnC prototype
    • Legendary X-mags: 720, Shark Attack, Magma, Shatner Xmags (Who knew there were black and pewter ones!!)
    • Legendary Collections: G Knight and A-Tach's former collection

    What do you guys think? What would you like to see included in the next update? Feel free to let me know below!!

    ~300 out of 500ish X-mags found so far.
    Props to OmniM and DJ89 for their work.
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    Good job.

    "I'm not happy unless you're not happy"

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    Nice job!

    If you want some pics of mine, here they are:

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    Just added mine to the list

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo DSC_6849_small.jpg"/></a>
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    Thanks guys!!! Spread the word! Hopefully OmniM will bump into it.

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    This is great! Thank you Bunny

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