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    Arrow Videogames: Far Cry 3

    Anyone play far cry 3 yet? I'm about 2 hours in and love it!!! Skyrim, but with guns? Count me in!!

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    I've had my eye on this one, looks like an awesome game.

    And we're just gonna put a happy little bush in the corner right there, and it'll be our little secret. AND IF YOU TELL ANYONE! THAT, THAT BUSH IS THERE! I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE! AND I WILL CUT YOU!

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    Got it. Did the campaign twice, once on normal then hard. I liked it. Kinda like a Skyrim with guns.

    Haven't played the online portion. Not my thing

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    Just started Halo 4 and Assassins Creed III xbox live: Snz7w FlaKE

    We should start a gamer tag thread, I remember we had one back in the days of Socom 1,2,3 on ps2 so AO'ers could join up and own some baddies

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    Sounds like I need to pick it up. PS3 handle: swampywi. AC III honestly it was a great game the side missons seem to detract from the main plot being there are so many, that and the glitches kind of upset me. Going to get the DLC with George Washington after I finish the new Medel of Honor, which isn't that great.

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    I got sick of AC3 about 8 hours in. Once I realized I would have to "rebuild" my character again I lost all excitement for it.

    Far Cry 3 balances itself quite well. I never really feel like the missions are redundant and the gameplay is great. It's the little details in the game are the most fun. Each time I take over an outpost something ridiculous and insane happens. I think i'm going to go for 1000GS on this game. Wish me luck!

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    holy hell.
    thats cool.

    good job man
    I sell new 800 mah Emag batteries, pm for pricing.
    oh yeah and I 3D print stuf, CAD, Machine, all that crap.

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    Trying I decide what game to get next.
    Lasts one I got was black ops. And I was pretty disappointed with it.

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    Bunch of guys were talking about this game at work during my lunch breaks a couple weeks ago. I picked it up that weekend.

    Pretty fun game.

    I just finished the mission where you burn a bunch of weed fields to Damien Marley and Skrillex playing.

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